Mens Jackets

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A jacket is an element your wardrobe simply can't do without. Whether you're a sports type or prefer a rather elegant fashion, you can be sure to find what you need here. A jacket is an easy going sidekick for cooler summer nights or at your snowed-in trips to school. And the more jackets start appearing in your wardrobe, the more colourful will your outfits be. Remember that these pieces also stood by the births of many love successes....a.k.a. aren't you cold? I can lend you my jacket! Register today and get a 3% discount on all your purchases.


Why own one?
• Jackets and waistcoats by Ombre Clothing will never let you down.
• Suitable for any weather!
• And if you get the wrong size, you can get it exchanged for free.

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Mens Jacket Sage

559 Kč 799 Kč


Mens Jacket Davon

959 Kč 1199 Kč


Mens Jacket Dwayne

839 Kč 1199 Kč



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