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An inseparable part of your festive I! Its it going to be a necktie or a bow tie? We daresay both will look just fine! Thanks to unique designs and uncommon styles you are sure to sparkle it up! And also, don't forget about a bet, because nothing beats the feeling of well fitting trousers. And a wallet? We reckon that speaks for itself! So don't waste any more time and get the right accessory for the right occasion. Plus, if you register, you automatically get a 3 % discount.


Why own them?
• They're stylish!
• They'll complement your outfit to perfection.
• You're gonna feel great.
• And if something is a bit off, you can get it exchanged for free.

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Mens Shirtstay

239 Kč 299 Kč


Mens Belt Efraim

199 Kč 249 Kč


Money Clip

69 Kč 99 Kč


Mens Wallet Bogesi

239 Kč 299 Kč


Mens Wallet Rodrigo

209 Kč 299 Kč


Mens Belt Bartolome

349 Kč 499 Kč


Mens Socks Stealth

From 47 Kč From 59 Kč


Ladies Sack UK

119 Kč 199 Kč


Mens Set Rudiment

200 Kč 399 Kč


Satin Tie Note

119 Kč 199 Kč