Ladies Skirts & Dresses

Dámské sukně a šaty  

We all have been there. Sometimes there are mornings when we don't really feel like combining shorts with a T-shirt. Well no need to worry, because that's what dresses are for. Plus, boys (men) really love women with nice dresses. Our pieces will make you shine not just at a business meeting. In our range, you'll also find pieces by Moodo, a Polish traditional family company that's been in the business for over 27 years. Also, if you register, you automatically get 3 % off.


Why own them?

• We're offering dresses both with sleeves and without.
• Quality materials that are going to get you.
• A variety of colours and designs.
• And if you don't feel like yourself in the cut, we'll be happy to exchange them for free.

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Ladies Dress Francoise

From 319 Kč 599 Kč


Ladies Dress Scarlet

From 319 Kč 699 Kč


Ladies Skirt Vista

121 Kč 299 Kč


Ladies Dress Penelope

From 479 Kč 999 Kč


Ladies Skirt Trees

120 Kč 299 Kč


Ladies Dress Jungle

383 Kč 599 Kč


Ladies Miniskirt Peat

From 199 Kč 399 Kč


Ladies Dress Carmen

From 391 Kč 699 Kč


Ladies Skirt Jelly

80 Kč 199 Kč


Ladies Skirt Cheetah

114 Kč 299 Kč