For The True Best Friend

Doplňky do vlasů  

Whether you have spent your life growing up together or only met not so long ago... the most important thing is knowing that the bond of friendship between you is unbreakable! Noone can touch your BFF, with whom you spend all your ups and downs. There are many ways how to prove how you value her but we can only help you with one of them (the most stylish one). Give her a Christmas present in a form of a stylish BFF sweatshirt set or a new bedding sheets for her room! Take a look at our range... you'll definitely find your own! Plus, if you register, you automatically get a 3% discount.


Why buy them?

• You'll treat her with a piece that's got style!
• She's going to impress thanks to you!
• Dispatch is in 24 hours and returns or exchange are free of charge!

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Bedding Set Arrows

909 Kč 1299 Kč


Bedding Set Macarons

909 Kč 1299 Kč


Bedding Set Hakuna

909 Kč 1299 Kč


Ladies Backpack Hello

299 Kč 499 Kč


Cosmetic Bag Lotus

100 Kč 199 Kč


Suitcase Cover Name

239 Kč 399 Kč


Ladies Backpack Lily

239 Kč 399 Kč


Watch Decorative

500 Kč 999 Kč



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