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You're one of the few who truly loves shopping for your dearest friend or classmates! Slowly, the time everybody loves is coming. Christmas are almost here and you still haven't found the right for your bestie? Don't despair! Here, you'll find items such as stylish BFF sweatshirts or friendship bracelets. And what for your classmate? How about a funny pencil case with emojis or a sack with an original motif. It's only up to you! And trust us, you will truly make them happy! Plus, if you register, you automatically get a 3% discount.


Why buy them?

• They're stylish and for great prices!
• You'll surprise her!
• She might even show it off in her Instastory!
• Dispatch is in 24 hours and returns or exchange are free of charge!

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Bedding Set Arrows

599 Kč 1299 Kč


Bedding Set Macarons

599 Kč 1299 Kč


Bedding Set Hakuna

599 Kč 1299 Kč


Ladies Leggings Army

167 Kč 299 Kč


Ladies Backpack Fresh

299 Kč 499 Kč


Ladies Backpack Hello

169 Kč 499 Kč


Ladies Backpack Real

225 Kč 499 Kč


Ladies Sack Feeling

129 Kč 199 Kč


Ladies Sack Quote

143 Kč 199 Kč


Ladies Watch Pure

201 Kč 499 Kč


Pencil Case Milk

83 Kč 149 Kč



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