For A Classmate

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Are you an inseparable duo that spends so much time at school together? Partners in crime or rather just quiet watchers? You know, we don't mean to scare you but Christmas is coming and it's time to get something for your sidekick! And that's why we have prepared many things that she might find good use for! How about great pencil case, beanies, backpacks or PE leggings? Plus, if you register, you automatically get a 3% discount.


Why buy them?

• All pieces are for amazing prices!
• Quality is our absolute priority. 
• Dispatch is in 24 hours
• Returns or exchange are free of charge!

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Ladies Socks Spot

59 Kč 99 Kč


Ladies Sack Waterlily

119 Kč 199 Kč


Ladies Wallet Fresh

60 Kč 149 Kč


Ladies Wallet Panda

60 Kč 149 Kč


Ladies Backpack Krata

250 Kč 499 Kč


Ladies Backpack Real

250 Kč 499 Kč


Pencil Case Fresh

75 Kč 149 Kč



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